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The salami making class process

Salami making glass is a fun way to learn how the process of making salami works. It is easier than you think it is. You can make your own salami at home, and it would be really fun to try, though there are some safety issues that must be considered .

Salami making class here will guide you through the steps of making good salami. It would actually be better to attend a salami making class that has a small fee instead of spending money on buying pre-mixed spices that cannot guarantee the quality and taste of the final product.

The mistake you should avoid when doing salami making is not hydrating it enough. The reason for this is quite simple: the mixture will not ferment if it is too dry. The other problem would be over-hydrating, which also has an effect on the fermentation process.

Salami making class here will teach you how to use the percentages of salt and sugar properly so that your salami turns out well. The ratio of these two ingredients should be about 2% saltj and 4% sugar.

Don’t add any extra water when mixing the ingredients with a food mixer, because this can also affect the fermentation process in a negative way. The mixture should have about 10% moisture level. When you use a spoon to mix instead of a machine, your mixture will be too wet , which can cause humidity problems later on.

You should consume the salami in about a week after you make it, and if you want to keep it for another week, store it in the freezer. It is only recommended to eat home-made salami when you freeze it first because there will be no danger of food poisoning when the meat is raw.

Salami making class here will teach you how to handle the meat properly when making your salami. It is important that there are no bruises on it before you put it in the mixer, or else harmful bacteria can contaminate it.

If you want to make a leaner salami, you should only use pork belly without any fatback. If you don’t add fat to the mixture, you can add it later when you stuff it into the beef middles. This will make your salami more tender and delicious, and also prevent spoilage.

The traditional way of making salami is by using pure pork and air drying, which was done in cool and dry places like cellars and attics . Today, you can make salami in a refrigerator by using modern equipment.For best results, you should use the traditional method though.

If you are making salami for the first time, don’t make it with beef middles because they are too big and you will not be able to properly stuff them. It is also recommended that your try different types of meats before using beef middles.

At the end of this salami making class, your instructor will tell you how to cure salami in a cool and dry place. You can use a cellar for this purpose if you have access to one. If not, a cool room with low humidity levels is also okay.