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Smart Ways to Use Duct Tape To Protect Your Home.

Duct tape is an amazing thing. It’s a versatile, clean-looking way to fix anything from leaky sinks to damaged furniture and broken electronics. But the uses for duct tape don’t stop there! From securing items on shelves to sealing up your home against intruders, duct tape has become the go-to tool in many people’s arsenals. Here are some smart ways you can use this trusty gray adhesive to help save money and keep your home safe.


The following are smart ways you can use duct tape to help save money and keep your home safe.

A) Use the tape to seal up items in your home against intruders.

B) Save a trip to the hardware store with an easy fix for leaky faucets and a variety of other plumbing issues.

C) Tape up boxes or furniture that may be damaged, like table legs or wood trim, before moving them into your home.

D) Line the bottom of your trash cans with the sticky side of this multi-purpose adhesive so they don’t move around while you’re carrying them out.


Make a tarps.

One of the most common uses for duct tape is to create tarps, since it’s durable and waterproof. You’ll need two pieces of tape per square foot, so make sure you have enough on hand. Simply lay one piece of tape down on the ground and the other over top of the first. Be sure to overlap by about an inch, then smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles.

Secure your grill so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

If you are grilling outside, keep your food safe from hungry animals with this handy trick! Lay a piece of duct tape over your grill grate and secure it to the bottom with nails or screws so that nothing falls through onto your hot food and starts a fire!

Cover electrical cords and pipes with wire covers.

When you’re done using that particular appliance, cover its cords or pipes with wire covers to protect them from damage until you’re ready to use them again later on in the year when they need more TLC.


Have an appliance you need to mail? Wrap it up with duct tape. It’s sturdy and won’t rip or tear like plastic wrap. Plus, it will protect the contents inside the package from getting damaged.

There are other ways to use duct tape for packaging. You can also use it to cover a hole in your wall or ceiling, close a loose cabinet door, or seal off a leaky faucet (if you’ve got time and patience).

When wrapping packages containing food, use a single layer of duct tape to seal the box shut. You’ll want to put the tape on all four sides of the box so that no air can get in and spoil your food!

You can protect your home or your packages with duct tape by following these smart ways to use duct tape.